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Post  Tasmo on Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:23 pm


My name is Tasmo, but friends call me Tasmo. You can call me Tasmo too, if you want. But seriously, SoulFu is awesome multiplayer-fun, hotseat-game and a game whit cool tools, funny voices and characters. But for me, it's a bit unfinished. I could do some scripting and modelling, wich are my main skills. Im not a nerd, that sits on his computer for seven hours a day, but still, I could help a little. My friend Zamoair introduced me this awesome game and this forum. He is doing some stuff with his class, + he is doing something reeaaallly crazy stuff with the other classes. Like soldier evolving in to a paladin or an elite, hubbin to assasin and stuff. A lot work to do but, yeah. Im not myself that in to this game, but this is kinda cool little game you can play if your other game has some updates going or something. Yeah, and btw he is working whit some races. He wanted me to ask of your (citizens lol) opinion about this. But yeah, so pretty much every class has their own abilities and stats.
I could put one of those pics here.. now while im writing this.

Tasmo in da hauzz Yeyeye10

An Orc. Yeah, orc as a good guy? WTF?

Yeap, thats pretty much all.


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Post  Aelesis on Sat Aug 28, 2010 6:12 am

Hacking skin colours is a lot of fun, heh. Anyway, welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay!

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