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Post  ShellShocker on Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:46 am

Here are the list of rules. This post will be updated every so often to have the latest rules. Breaking rules can result in bans, or sometimes just warnings, depending on what rule was broken and/or how bad. Exceeding a certain number of warnings will result in a ban.

1. Respect All Members
Treat all forum members equally and with respect. Repeat offense will result in a ban. Do not harass, annoy or argue with any forum member including forum admins and moderators. People with higher positions of authority are still required to respect every single member equally as well. Please abide by this rule.

2. Swearing
Swearing at any specific forum member will not be tolerated. Firstly you will get a warning and then if necessary, a ban. Blunt swearing is also not tolerated as this forum has younger members too. Use asterisks to cover any curses. Just because a word is hidden doesn't make it any less offensive. Swearing at forum administrators will result in an instant ban sometimes. Watch the blunt swearing. In extreme cases, we'll let this slip. But for the most part, censor it and it stays.

3. Flaming
Absolutely no flaming another forum member. Other members have equal rights to you and deserve not to be flamed by any forum member, regardless of their position. Flaming people will also result in warnings or bans, depending on how bad it was. Please do not flame ANYBODY in the forum.

4. Posting
Firstly, it is not allowed to double post as it looks messy and appears as a sin like in other forums. The edit button is there for a reason, please use it. Double posting is allowed sometimes, and will never result in an instant ban. If you can't edit a post, you can sometimes double post, or ask a forum moderator or administrator to edit it for you. Secondly, posting for the sake of increasing your post count will not be tolerated. This includes spamming and posting with one word (excluding forum games). If you do, you will first be warned before any banning action is taken. Futhermore, flooding threads or using too many emoticons is not allowed. Please use a maximum of four emoticons in each of your posts or signature. Lastly, this includes Bumping old topics for no reason. Users are allowed to bump old topics if it is neccesary, but apart from that, try to not bump old topics.

5. No Inappropriate Files
This includes pictures, or posts are not suitable for the forum. Images that include any nudity or posts that contain racism will also not be tolerated at all. If it is done, it can either result in an instant ban or a severe warning to a user. Please refrain from posting any mature things around the forum.

6. Grammar and Spelling
Under no circumstance will a user be banned for using poor grammar or spelling. But it is required that users at least try to use the best spelling grammar possible and review their posts before posting. Everyone makes mistakes in their spelling from time to time, but try not to. If a user is repeatedly posting with poor spelling and grammar on PURPOSE, they will get a warning. Exceptions include members that don't speak English as their native language, or are still learning English.

Please do not break any of these rules and you will not be banned/warned.

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