when ends this game ???

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when ends this game ??? Empty when ends this game ???

Post  theDarkChampion on Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:32 am

Hi folks,

today a played a little time the 1.5 version after some hours i reached the 3th respawn-point (castle surrounded by lava and 4 metal boxes in the middle)
Then I folloed the way and reached the next wold, theire I killed some "miniature-wizzards", skeletts, ex pharaos, dark warriors/champions and a blue dragon. Suddendly one of the "miniature wizzards" changed me into a crab. after using 5 Wunnup Cup' s I finally died and reaspawned in the castle, also as crab.Then i quitted the game.

Now my question:
Where is the end of this game, has somebody allready finished it ? please answere !


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