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Stage of Work?

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Stage of Work? Empty Stage of Work?

Post  N4pfel on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:25 pm

Hey Guys,

I'm pretty interested in SoulFu, and would like to help in the Development. Im not that bad at Coding, but neither am i really good. But I'm interested in helping and if I learn something in return, I'll have to life with that ;-P

But momentary I'm confused about the current situation, mainly where the Development takes place.
I now about the SVN ( but the last Update there was some times ago.
In the Thread about the Arena Mod seems to be some activity but I'm somewhat unsure if it focus only on the Arena or not.

What I really would like to see, is a working Network version. The SVN seems to have something like a Server to it. I'm currently downloading the whole of it and taking a closer look. But if anybody would like to enlighten me about the current state of affair I would greatly appreciate it.



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Stage of Work? Empty Re: Stage of Work?

Post  AgentX on Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:22 am

Hello, I'm glad to see you found the forum. As of now there is no development taking place, HOWEVER I have been waiting for someone to come along so development could get started
because I didn't want to do anything big-ish if I had to do it alone and there wasn't a very active community to share =it with. The arena topic were ideas that got continued from here we were getting a rough idea of what should be included in the next version. Our ideas were
-mana should be regenerated at various speeds depending on your intellegence
-wounds should be regenerated slowly depending on your strength
-pets can evolve (these files already exist)
-various other things should be changed/balanced (classes, virtues, etc.)

I didn't know about the SVN so that could prove helpful... It looks as if the stuff on there is from people from the old forum which no longer exists Sad

If you want to help with development it would be greatly appreciated. I have only a little coding knowledge but lots of knowledge about soulfu and grand ideas of where it could go so we could start a tiny development team here on this forum.

PS - online play would be the best thing for SoulFu as soon as everything feels balanced.

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